Club Penguin Fan Universe

Jack Jokester or Jack Joke is a evil clown and lives in Judness Cove. He is a blue-skined,black-haired,yellow-teethed,black-shoed,purple-shirted "penguin" in GGD Island. He is Gary the Gaget Dude's Army most wanted.


Well,when he was a kid,Jack Jokester dreamed of being a detective. Then,one day,he was revieled to be a human. Evreyone treated him like Billy Mays,so he felt welcome into USA. Then,he met Gary the Gaget Dude. Him and GGD were best friends,until that fateful day. GGD and Jack Jokester got into a fight on top of a building. Little did they know that the building was Gary's lab. Jack Jokester fell through a window on top of the building,and fell into some chemicals. GGD rushed down to see where he was,with the help of Gary. They found him,and he was changing. He had turned into a junior detective,to a evil clown. Jack has hated GGD ever sience.


  • He is a paraody of the Joker from Batman.
  • The scene where he falls into the chemicals is also a paraody from Batman.
  • His minions are Mwa Mwa Puffles.
  • Other minions would be jesters and clowns.