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Itinerod DME F7
An Itinetod DME F7
Vital statistics
Type Diesel train
Effects Moving mail on the Itinerod
Source General Diesel Rails
Location Itinerod
Cost to buy 10000 pebbles new, 5000 pebbles pre-owned
Cost to sell 7000 pebbles

The Itinerod DME F7 (or IF7 for short) is a Diesel locomotive that is used by the Itinerod Circuit.


When the Itinerod was created there was a need of locomotives for the mail line. It had been using old DME FT trains that date back to late Khanzem! A new type was needed.

General Diesel Rails, the company that built the FTs was put in charge of making a new train. They combined all shorts of parts from other trains. The result was the F7 type. It wasn't that fast nor was it that slow. It was also very strong. Ever since the F7s were put into service, they were the most common type of train on the Itinerod.


  • This is a parody of the EMD F7