Club Penguin Fan Universe

Issacc used to be a puffle owned by Questionmrk2 but ran away. Issacc was a white puffle.

Favorite Places[]

  • Box Dimension to meditate!
  • Questionmrk2's Igloo (for parties)
  • The Garden of Q2 (his garden he planted)


  • Ramble n Jacks-Issacc thinks that they are too loud and noisy. Jacks once attempted to make friends with Issacc but Ramble told Jacks that Issacc was "too silly, with all that 'medeetashun' stuff that isn't real! So don't go near him, Jacks!" However, Ramble was just being silly and would risk his life to save Issacc.
  • Pesto- Issacc thinks that Pesto is funny, but thinks that Pesto should be by himself to "think about the universe". Pesto is very confused by what Issacc means.
  • Lone Star- Issacc never met Lone Star except in Lone Star's journal story. It was known that Pesto thinks they would like eachother.
  • Forester-Forester was very mean to Issacc and was only nice for the first day, upon which he was secretly planting traps all over the igloo.