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Island Adventure Hotel
The logo for the hotel, which won Bronze in the 2009 Antarctic Logo Awards.
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Island Adventure Hotel, named after Puff Flags Island Adventure amusement park in Club Penguin City, is a resort serving those who wish to stay overnight at the amusement park. It has a total of 400 rooms. It is quite well-maintained, although most worry about the unstable chandelier hanging form the ceiling. Along with the amusement park, it has an island theme. It is operated by Gabbie McSusan Hotels Ltd., and owned 50% by both its operator and Holyberden.


While the amusement park was built, Puff Flags executives (Cylde, Xavier, you know the rest) decided to build a hotel next to it. They gave the job to Gabbie McSusan Hotels, and thus, Island Adventure Hotel began construction in April 2007. They let IAD, a hotel company, to operate it. It officially opened in April 2008 and all rooms were filled on its opening day. It prospered from then onwards.

Types of Rooms[]

There are four types of rooms. No suite, just rooms.

Amusement Park Deluxe[]

A Deluxe room that faces the Amusement Park. It has two beds in all rooms, with an extra Pullpenguin bed to the side. All amenties of a normal hotel room are available. The walls are made of white concrete and the flooring has a star pattern. It is at only six thousand coins for a non-peak night.

Family Island[]

There are 20 of these. They feature a room with 2 beds, as well as a pull-out couch bed. They cost 300 coins per night and have most stuff a normal room has.

SuperUltraMega Luxury Suite[]

These rooms are large. They have an oven, a fireplace, and all sorts of stuff. All this costs 900 coins per night.

Normal Room[]

These rooms have a coffee maker, a microwave, Clock Alert Cable TV, 2 beds, a balcony, and a room service menu.


The hotel features a shuttle from Club Penguin City-Amherty Regional Airport and Club Penguin City International Airport. The hotel also has 2 pools, 5 waterslides, and a spa. The hotel also has free breakfast with staying, as well as Island Adventure Cafe, the onsite restaurant. The hotel also has a path going right to the Amusement Park.

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