Club Penguin Fan Universe
Isabella in the traveling suit
Vital statistics
Title Traveler of Antarctica
Gender Female
Race Race/species
Faction None
Health Good
Level Level
Status Status
Location Journeying
Occupation None
Interests Traveling
Friends Mellisa
Enemies E-114, Whoot Smackler Whoot
Archetype Neutral

Isabella (Or IBA; Interantarctic Battle Android for actual name; makes sort of no sense if you think about it) and traveler of Antarctica trying to find the PWNage Organ and break it before it can be used again.


Isabella was "created" along with Rin in Olde Antarctica by a girl named Mellisa, whom wanted a playmate in some of the games.

Mellisa lived until the time of Whoot Smackler Whoot and was captured to make Orange Juice. Isabella, determined to save her, was attacked by a Leopard Seal, and was frozen after the Seal realized she could not be eaten, drifted off to the shores of nearby Chi Con.

Several years later, the ancient PWNage Organ was played again and the sheer amount of noise broke the ice. Isabella walked off to Chi Con, thinking it was where Whoot was, to realize it was almost 60 years later. She decided to wander looking for a place to live and used the super sonic speed (Built into the heel of the shoes) and took off.

To be continued



Sword Flipper- Left flipper hardens like steel and becomes very sharp.

Bayonet- Left flipper turns into a Snowbullet Machine Gun magically

Scanner- Right eye turns a deep red and scans an object; Example: Scanning an enemy to see how strong they are, a penguin to see there chances of doing something they wish to happen (Like wanting to get into a certain university).

Weapon Selection Screen-A selection screen of all 4 modes and showing what her name stands for. Mellisa (The Puffle or the Penguin) can unlock the 4th command; Shadow Spiral. It has also been activated by a command code.

Shadow Spiral- Both eyes turn a deep red and one of 2 things can happen:

1. The Power Level of Isabella steadily increases and a huge cannon reveals itself. The cannon can fire miniature missiles (Heat Missiles, Deletion Missiles, Glue Missiles, and Shadow Missiles). It can only handle 12 shots or 1 huge deletion laser that can cause mass destruction.

2. The small golden buttons on the hat and coat glow with her voice turning robotic like and saying "Diana Activation Online". Her sword arm activates along with a huge burst in Power Level. The sword is now golden and long, and can fire beams like the weapon of Meta Baron.


  • She is a parody of Miyu Greer from My Otome
  • He puffle has a strange hairdo; one that seems to be exclusive to it

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