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Isaac Charles Gilscarbo
He is very scary.
Vital statistics
Title The odd collector
Gender male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Antarctica
Health Physically, yes, apart from being short-sighted. Mentally, we're not sure...
Level 123456
Status Collecting stuff and making new inventions out of it
Location Somewhere in Antarctica

Isaac Charles GilsCarbo is an odd collector who is currently collecting whatever he finds and converts into rather interesting inventions. He mostly builds toasters and sells them for money.

The short-sighted collector has now been roaming around Antarctica via a bizarre ship known as The Odd Mongoose, carried by several balloons. How he got hold of such a thing, no one is sure.


Isaac was hatched a significantly long time ago, and was the youngest participant of the huge party after transitioning from Penguin Chat 3 to Club Penguin. While he didn't get a beta hat, he did make his own yellow and pink top hat that he still wears today. He always loved to make things from scratch, like toasters.

After the party was over, Isaac suddenly suffered from short-sightedness, but despite managing to get his flippers on a strange pair of glasses and put them on, he accidentally walked onto a piece of driftwood in the sea that was about to float away, and ended up in South Island three days later.

When he arrived, he was lucky enough to wash up on a shore near a small village of jungle trolls. When he attempted to purchase something at the local shop however, he did not have right money to do so. Nevertheless, he started building toasters from scratch and sold them, making a huge profit in doing so. He proceeded to give upgrades to his clothing, such as a cuckoo clock in his top hat.

He soon got to work on constructing his very own mansion in South Island, but instead of hiring people to build it for him, he yet again started from scratch, finding whatever he could to make his "fancy" place of residence. Several years later he finally finished the house, but he decided to become a collector in stuff, so he would always have enough resources to build stuff. He somehow got his ship, The Odd Mongoose, and went off to go all around Antarctica to collect items of barely any interest.


Isaac now travels all around Antarctica, collecting stuff that is usually of no value and then usually converting the junk into shining, new inventions. He makes all sorts of neat things out of the stuff, but it's usually toasters. He then sells the items and makes a huge profit.

He also has a unique thing he call a "Swiss Army Outfit". He has "upgraded" his clothing so many times they have usually useful features in them, such as a built-in stove, a television, and most notably, a cuckoo clock.

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