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Imperial Trooper
Vital statistics
Title Imperial Trooper
Gender Mostly Male
Race Penguin
Faction Imperial Forces
Health Excellent
Level 90
Location Imperial Base

Imperial Troopers are the main fighting force in the Imperial Forces. It's the dominant force in any Imperial army. They're given light armour, a sword, a helmet, and a shield with the Imperial Symbol. They also carry other weopans; some have been seen with Chainsaws! It's a good all around type of soldier. Usually, Imperial Grunts are used as cannon fodder while the Imperial Troopers set up, and then the Imperial Troopers attack. Imperial Troopers are supported mostly by Imperial Fighters. Each Imperial Trooper are well trained. All Imperial Troopers are ranked trooper in the Imperial Forces.


When Imperial Emperor created his army, his main troops, the Imperial Grunt, were not that good. They often ran away from battle, leaving troops such as the Imperial Knights open to attack, because they have not set up. He needed a unit that could quickly set up but at the same time, be good. The result was the Imperial Trooper. He then thought of a new tactic, and tested it on South Pole City. Although he lost the battle, the tactic worked, and the Imperial Emperor decided that the Imperial Trooper would become the main fighting force. The Imperial Emperor ranked all Imperial Troopers trooper.

Every Imperial Troopers are trained in the arts of Card-Jitsu X, UnitedTerra boxing, High Penguin sword fighting, and ACP tactics. Imperial Troopers are often used as guards, and they patrol key Imperial Forces areas. Imperial Emperor often uses them as to support special operations groups. Imperial Troopers, along with Imperial Paratroopers, can use any type of equipment, and are trained to use anything they may find on the battlefield.


Imperial Troopers can set up at the same time as Imperial Fighters, and are both used during attacks. Imperial Troopers and Imperial Fighters attack after the Imperial Grunts.

Imperial Troopers are used as skirmishers too. There role as skirmishers are very good.

When a Imperial Trooper is moved up to specialist trooper, they become Imperial Knights.


  • Imperial Troopers are found in any Imperial army.
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