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Idiosyncratic: The Musical!, commonly known to the public as Idiosyncratic or Idiosync is a spin-off of the hugely popular Dystopian: The Musical!, which sold out with in a few weeks after it debuted. Like its sister play, Idiosync takes place in an alternate universe, except this time everything is completely reversed. In the panarchist United Detached Provinces of Antarctica, an aspiring young green puffle (companied by a goofy penguin) tries to make it big in politics -- and discovers the strangest conspiracy theory you'll ever see.


(The curtains lift as the audience seats themselves, revealing a ramshackle, yet eerily cheery neighborhood in the province of Westshield, Detached Provinces of Antarctica. The sky is cloudy and it is raining, yet everyone is greeting each other happily and saying how nice the weather is. All of a sudden, Mayor McFlapp falls out of the sky.)

More coming soon!