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Icicle Man
Vital statistics
Title Icicle Man
Gender Boy
Race Puffle (white)
Faction Unknown
Health 99%
Level Unknown
Status Currently adopted by Auzziez Rulez
Location Auzziez Rulez's Mansion Igloo, Dojo Courtyard

Icicle Man is the middle brother of the Snow Gang.


He and his brothers, in 2009, decided to form a band. "'The Snow Gang'", it should be called! proclaimed Icicle Man. His brothers agreed. When it is night time, for 2 hours he sleeps in a random box on Floor 1 of Auzziez Rulez's Mansion Igloo. 12:00 AM, he wakes up his brothers inside the Ball Pit and they go out on the deck to rehearse. Then in the next 2 hours, Icicle Man practises his drums. He keeps his drums in a special box in the Storage Room.


The 7-year-old Icicle Man is always coming up with great ideas, he is considered the nerd of the Snow Gang. Once on the Lighthouse Stage, he fell off and ended up having to wear an eye patch for the next fortnight. His band is a hit, and his talent is a very good one. He loves being a professional drummer. His band earns alot of money when they're doing shows.


  • Auzziez Rulez always counts on Icicle man to do a good concert.
  • Icicle Man was the first to know about the fire on the deck of Auzziez Rulez's Mansion Igloo.

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