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IceyGamer X
IceyGamer X image
The ultra thin IceyGamer X, connected to a Snowshiba 5000
Vital statistics
Type Video Gaming System
Effects Video Game
Source Ice Shard
Location level
Cost to buy C15000
Cost to sell C10000

The IceyGamer X is a video game system made by iConnect. It is used by over 5,000 penguins. It includes the features of a computer, like a web browser, a wireless mouse, a keyboard, and an advanced computer/gaming operating system. It also supports wireless cards.


The IceyGamer X is a very thin flat down style system. It's high tech cooling systems allow it to stay as cool as an IceyGamer C with only a fifth of the size. It comes in the colors Black, Silver, and Green. It takes small discs to read games. It uses the Ice Shard Gamer Edition 2 operating system. It has a USA-UGC 133 p/p Ultra Video Card with 200GB graphics RAM, beating even the IceyGamer C's awesome graphics. It has a 5TB (5,000GB) hard drive.


It uses a controller similar to the IceyGamer C's controller. It is wireless, but has a wired option for when you run out of battery. It has 2 small handles where your hands rest, two sticks and 3 major button groups. The main buttons are: A B X Y U1 U2 X1 X2 BA IGX START PAUSE CONNECT. The handles resemble pistol grips, only with a lot more comfort.

Online Multiplayer[]

Online multi-player on the IceyGamer X is cross usable between wireless and wired connections. With a really deep online system, with voice chat, email, friends, a computer's OS, it is perfectly functional for online play. All servers have the highest bandwidth as possible, unless the publisher uses their own servers with more lag. Icey Gamer Interactive has been rated No. 1 for multi-player gaming.

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