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IceyGamer C
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IceyGamer C (ND)
TypeVideo game console
GenerationSeventh generation
Release date2009
Introductory priceC 10000
Units shippedWorldwide: 10 million (as of July 2010)
Media14cm optical disc
CPUIce Shard CPU
Storage capacity2.5 TB Hard Drive
Controller inputIceyGamer C Remote
2 × USB 2.0
LAN Adapter (via USB)
Best-selling gameUnknown
SuccessorIceyGamer X

The IceyGamer C is a video game system made by iConnect. It is used by over 15,000 penguins. It also includes the features that of a computer, like web browsers and file readers and keyboards, mouses, and stuff like that. It's successor, the IceyGamer X, is now available .


The IceyGamer C is a flat down style system with extra width to allow more space and cooling. It comes in the colors Black, Lightning Blue, Limestrike Green, Cinnamon Red, and Silver. It takes small discs, to read the games. It uses the Ice Shard Gamer Edition 1.1 operating system. It has a CPUG Ultra Video Card with 2300MB graphics, giving it the best graphics on any video game ever. It has a 2.5TB hard drive (2,500GBs).


IceyGamer C's controller is a wireless controller. It has 2 small handles where your hands rest, two sticks and 3 major button groups. The main buttons are: A B X Y U1 U2 X1 X2 STAR PAUSE CONNECT. The handles resemble pistol grips.

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