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Icer image
Icer is stalking you...
Vital statistics
Title Icer the Puffle
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Unknown
Health Very Good
Level Unknown
Status Alive
Location Snowman 1001's Igloo
Club Penguin Island

Icer is a trouble making puffle. His owner is Snowman 1001 and is best friends with Lemon and Hat Pop.


Icer (right) and his best buddy, Lemon (left).


Icer was first seen in a bush on top of the ski hill. Everyone wanted to get a look at him but he was too shy to stay long. Then, Snowman 1001 saw him. He offered Icer a special treat. He loved fish and O-Berries. He ate them the jumped into Snowman's flippers!


He tends to prank as much as Lemon. He also is Snowman 1001's best puffle. Icer and Lemon get along very well. He is very famous and loved by many. He is known as the "Cute Beast" as well.


  • He is really funny and loves to prank!
  • He is friends with Lemon.
  • His alias is "Cute Beast"
  • Icer has a habit of pranking.
  • He freezes Snowman 1001's bed every morning so he can wake up. Snowman doesn't like this in any bit, fashion, or form!
  • He can draw in very great and vivid detail.
  • He digs holes to hide in and to make "forts".
  • Icer is extremely sneaky.
  • Icer and Lemon play pranks on their owners all day long!!
  • Icer recently ran away from home, but will soon come back...he wrote a note saying he'll be back...he is just training with Sensei. However, on June 30th 2009, he came back with a note. The note read, "Your puffle, Icer, has been a great puffle student. He helped me discover the volcano. You should be happy to have a pet like him".
  • Prankster (puffle) has done a couple of pranks against him, like throwing him a bottle of water.

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