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Icebuntu OS
Icebuntu screenshot
Screenshot of Icebuntu 1.4
Company / developerIronical
OS familyUnice-like
Working stateCurrent
Source modelFree and open source
Initial releaseApril 2007
Latest stable releaseIcebuntu 4.4 / April 27, 2010
Latest unstable releaseIcebuntu 4.10 alpha 1 / June 1, 2010
Marketing targetOS users/computers
Available language(s)Multilingual
Update methodRAFUT (Real Advanced Fantastic Upgading Tool)
Package manageripkg
Supported platformsx86-64
Kernel typeMonolithic
Default user interfaceFrostbite Desktop Environment
Official websiteOfficial website

Icebuntu is a Penguin OS-based operating system. It is a competitor with Doors, but is relatively unpopular, but has a large fanbase; over 76% of Penguin OS users use it as their POS distro.


Icebuntu 1.0 was found frozen in a block of ice found in Shiverpool. Nobody knows who made it, but inside the CD case was a note:

To Joe

Sorry. This might help.


G couldn't make the new version by himself. The conclusion was that he hired ZapWire to get some elite nerds. Everyone helped fix the computer and made an entire new GUI and interface that changed the OS forever. The company Ironical started after the computer was repaired. They bought Icebuntu and released it in April 2010. It is currently getting Penguin OS' help.

How it works[]

Icebuntu has a graphics system called W which gives it a nice GUI. The system would be command-line based without W. The entire operating system is free due to the fact that you download it.


Installation of Icebuntu is generally performed with a live CD. The Icebuntu OS can be run directly from the CD (albeit with a significant performance loss), allowing a user to "test-drive" the OS for hardware compatibility and driver support. The CD also contains the Iciquity installer, which then can guide the user through the permanent installation process. CD images of all the current and past versions are available for download at the Icebuntu website. Installing from the CD requires a minimum of 256 MB RAM.


Icebuntu is very popular because of it's stability and speediness. It is also popular because it is almost completely virus-free. The Ironical company is making the second version with the help of Penguin OS' creators due to that reason. Icebuntu is extremely popular in FG. Everyone in FG knows what Icebuntu is.


While Icebuntu is the most popular Penguin OS distro, there are other distros that are basically Icebuntu with changes, such as a different desktop environment. Some of these are offical variants sponsored by Ironical.


  • Xicebuntu: A lightweight version of Icebuntu intended for older PCs. It uses the SlimDE environment.
  • EduIce: Icebuntu with educational software bundled.
  • Icebuntu MiOS: A W-less distro of Icebuntu.
  • Icebuntu Server: The same thing as Icebuntu MiOS except it has server applications.


  • Icebuntu is the official OS of the famous surfer named Cody Maverick.
  • It is a parody of Ubuntu.