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Ice Flower
Ice Flower image
A patch of Ice Flowers
Vital statistics
Type Flower
Effects Cures Fat, pink eye, and Nerd Sickness
Source Found only in the coldest, windswept peaks of East Pengolia
Location Mountains of East Pengolia
Cost to buy 100000 pebbles (estimated)
Cost to sell Unknown

The Ice Flower is an item commonly found in thich ice, hence the name. Superfastpenguin discovered the hearty flower while skiing down a Pengolian mountain slope. This flower has been shown to cure people of Fat, pink eye, and Nerd Sickness. Due to their rarity and generally inaccessible location, they are worth a small fortune. Their medicinal power doesn't help the high prce tag, either.


The Ice Flower is actually very similar to the Doom Weed and Fat Weed, and bears a resemblance to the Soda Root. In fact, it looks like a Soda Root covered in ice.

Ice Flowers grow wild in the most inhospitable of conditions, making them priceless. This value is skyrocketed by its power to cure Fat, pink eye, and Nerd Sickness.


Ice Flowers can cure, as said, Fat, pink eye, and Nerd Sickness.

  • To cure Fat, the Flower is to be crushed and mixed with salt, vinegar, tomato sauce, and granola. The concoction is added to distilled/purified (not tap) water (like that in the Gift Shop's water bottles) and consumed when warm in one sitting. The fat begins to melt away over the course of a few days.
  • Nerd Sickness is a bit harder. The same large Ice Flower must be placed in several seperate recipes and means. First off is the eye drops: the Ice Flower must be added to a bottle of any over-the-counter eye drops and mixed with honey. Then comes the shampoo: the Ice Flower is to be crushed and rubbed as-is onto the head of the afflicted penguin. It will sink through his or her feathers (and hair if they have it) and remain there. It must be re-applied two more times to work. Finally, comes the injection. The Ice Flower must be combined with hot sauce and boiled in salt water with sliced O-Berries (or other items high in Vitamin C) for three hours. The mixture is then to be placed in a syringe after cooling and injected into the poor nerd.
  • To cure pink eye, the Ice Flower is to be crushed, dissolved in distilled water, and applied to the eye three times a day for five days.


  • The idea of Nerd Sickness' cure is loosely derived from a cure from the children's series The Emperor's New School.
  • Superfastpenguin, unfortunately, never recieved any royalties for this discovery.
  • Ice Flowers are very hard to reach.

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