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Ice Blade
Ice Blade image
Colder than ice
Vital statistics
Type Sword
Effects Freezing
Source Ice
Location 100
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Ice Blade is a medium sized sword with a freezing blade. While it is not fatal to penguins (due to them made to withstand the cold), it could be fatal to animals not being immune to the cold (Mostly animals not native to Antarctica).


The freezing Ice Blade is an extremely hard to craft sword made from ice crystals. Its handle is made of rock with leather covering it, with ice freezing parts of the handle. The blade is in a strange curve (possibly so it can grab an enemy and give it a harder chance to escape) and will cause a mass burst of cold to overcome the opponent. The handle needs ice from mountain peaks and the handle must have special rock.


  • They are extremely hard to forge, as it needs special ice to make sure it doesn't melt, and if the blade is not carved perfectly, it will work worse than a perfectly crafted one will.