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IcePad image
Front, back and side views of the icePad.
Vital statistics
Type See Features
Effects See Features
Source Batteries
Location Antarctica and Peach Inc. stores.
Cost to buy Depends on country
Cost to sell Depends on country

The IcePad (trademarked as "icePad") is a tablet computer designed and marketed by Peach Inc. It was created while the Peach creation team was experimenting with new icePhone features. The idea merged when Jello, Childpengu1's puffle, said they should make a "big icePhone". It is used for internet browsing, phoning, etc. (See features).


The icePad works like an icePod Tap or icePhone: with touch technology.


The icePad has different features:

  • Open Adventure
  • Buy games from the App Store and play them
  • See and organize your own calendar
  • See and edit photos
  • Open PengTube and see videos instantly
  • Open maps from USA, UnitedTerra, and other places
  • See the weather in at least 1,000 places in the Arctic (Many penguins say this is just trash because the weather is the same always in Arctic places)
  • Open and see the clock
  • Use the calculator
  • Use notes
  • See iceTunes from the icePhone!
  • Open the App Store
  • Call someone
  • Mail someone
  • Use the icePod feature
  • Use apps for real life uses


  • The icePad has been bought by many designers because of technology and price.

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