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IcE (Real name unknown)
Vital statistics
Title Phantom Freezer
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Nightmare's Army
Health Good
Level 1000
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Occupation None
Interests The cold
Friends All of Nightmare's
Enemies All of Nightmare's
Archetype Villain

IcE is a high ranking member of Nightmare's Army, under a special rank known as "X Spreader". Like most of Nightmare's Army, IcE was destroyed in the Final X Showdown.


IcE's background is kind of fishy, and is more of a rumor than anything:

IcE lived far away from many penguins when he was a child, in a, large, frozen mountain. He had apparently run away do to not liking his parents (He was only 7) and got lost in the woods.

IcE apparently spent half the time learning how to mess with ice and actually fire it around with a small rock contraption made on his arm. After turning 18, he loved the cold and hated the heat. He was then visited by Nightmare, telling him that he could not the rest of his life in a cave, but doing what he loved while having fun with it.

This meant joining his army and becoming a "phantom freezer" as Nightmare called it. He had to don a suit specially made by Lizlord that trapped pure, freezing beams in a cannon on one hand, while the other recharged it simply by opening a vat in the top and pouring water in. Lizlord than hooked up a tank filled with very water like "Insta-X-Virus" that combined with the canons water. IcE was then ready to actually be apart of the army of Nightmare.


IcE is known for being a dangerous member of Nightmare's Army, do to his freezing canon and special helmet that always him to freeze himself solid to prevent attack, without actually freezing IcE himself.

He is subject to hiding very stealthily and then freezing his target, but there is a downside to his suit. If he uses to much of the suits freezing power without refueling the cannon with more water, it will shoot pure X-Virus all over the place, but this type of X-Virus made for his suit loses power the second it touches air unfrozen.

Cannon Capabilities[]

The cannon actually fires a long beam of pure ice, which spread around anything living and putting them in a ball of ice, which is made to absorb air and keep the victim breathing. The ball shatters the second the X-Antibody forms (It uses "Insta-X-Virus", which only take about a minute). The ice is described to be "colder than Winter".


  • A small ball of heat can doom the suit if it hits the cannon. It makes the water evaporate and the weapon useless.
  • IcE hates anything that revolves around heat. Or rain. Or normal water.
    • Do to his hate of normal water, he probably only has slushy's.

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