Club Penguin Fan Universe

Iamred in his Director Benny hat.
Vital statistics
Title The one who edits UNCP.
Gender Male
Race Fairy Penguin
Faction 100
Health 100
Level 100
Status Healthy
Location Somewhere
Occupation Designer of different shades of the color, Red.
Catchphrase You don't like Red, then I don't like you.
Hobbies Laughing.
Interests Red Stuff
Friends Loyal People who stick with him.
Enemies Notably Iamred X
Archetype Pwnsome

Iamred777 campaigning in a debate.
Politician Info
Office President and Prime Minister
Term Started 1981
Term Ended Term hasn't ended
Title(s) President and Prime Minister
Lieutenant Commander in the Army
Party Red Island Democrats
Married Yes
Chicks None
Nationality Reddish
Species Fairy Penguin

Iamred777 (Reddish - Yatired777 Ninja - レッドガイ) is a Fairy Penguin, who is President and Prime Minister of Red Island.



Iamred777's normal clothes.

Early Life[]

Iamred777 was orphaned at a very young age! The parents died in a Nightclub fire in the server Brumby, and grew up as a very good student. Some say too good. He can be a pain a lot of the time, especially when he talks about random weird st00f. His parents where never confirmed, neither was ANY of his family. How sad. In a good way, but not a good way. wow, confusing.


Then when Iamred777 grew older he got jobs, first in a bank, then as President of Red Island. He helped restore peace to Red Island when Anarchy ruled over the Island. It took several long months, but it really paid off. He covers all his life in a blog called "It's a Red Old Life". Iamred777 is a year round campaigner for another five years of Presidency, so people don't lose faith in him. In his spare time, he walks the streets along the Lake of Fish, and each Tuesday and Wednesday, he has a meal with a family in poverty. He is also a politician who campaigns for Human Rights.


Iamred was once called to go in a mission, but they replaced him with Gary. HOW DARE THEY? Iamred777 couldn't believe it, apparently they wanted someone with more nerdiness and what they call "shazzam". But the cunning Iamred777 had a plan. A genius plan. He was the be all the penguins that needed help with the missions, such as the Pizza guy in the Pizza Parlour, and more. But Gary knew something was up. Something BIG. So Gary chased after him for miles. Then Gary's glass fell off. PWNT. But he put them back on. And nearly killed Iamred777, let's just say Iamred has been in a few scrapes.

Iamred777 is the High President, High Prime Minister and High Bank Comminsionner of Red Island, so he can control ANYTHING that happens on this beautiful island. He has won ALL the elections in Red Island.

Once, when out campaigning he caught the X-Virus making the X Antibody that is Iamred X.

On June 2nd, 2010 he took over Hailvale.

Hieght 2

Iamred and Amigopen (Note that Iamred is a Fairy Penguin and Amigopen is taller than the average penguin.


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