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iSpy when he's not a spy...
BornJune 18, 1994 (age 16)
Other namesiSpy, Epic,
Home townCarcery
Known forBeing a secret spy for the TSU.

iSpyPenguin (born June 18, 1994), also known as Epic Penguin or iSpy is a 16 year-old spy that works for the Terrain Spy Union since 2009, after he was recruited in the Summer. He works as a part-time disc-jockey in the Night Club in Club Penguin, which is a cover to hide the fact that he is super-spy. He is great friends with Ninjinian, DJ Crow and Cadence because of the affiliation from the Terrain Spy Union with Ninjinian, and his disc-jockey part-time job with the DJ's.


Early years[]

Epic Penguin was born on June 18, 1997 as "Eagle Phineas I.C." in the South-East of PreTerra to Katherine and Theo Phineas I.C. They were a high, middle-classed family that were very well-known for helping the community. He was an only child and the three of them lived only together in a rented igloo-flat. As a chick, Epic watched many films about spies and agents. This didn't inspire him at first and was just an interest/hobby at the start. As he grew up at 4 years old, he got friendly with other chicks. Whenever they were in trouble, he would come to the rescue, and was a very loyal + trustworthy friend. Throughout his childhood he went on like he was, and at the age of nine years old, his dad would start taking him on Field Hikes (as Theo would call them) - and together they would camp up in the mountains and practise their manoeuvring. This way, Eagle perfected his spy skills.


Teenage years[]

College & afterwork[]



iSpy doesn't have much contact with his parents because Administrator Kai, head of the TSU, said that they could become vulnerable if it is revealed to them that he is a super-spy, so they are left away from him, but he talks to them sometimes on the phone and visits them. They only know that he is a DJ.

Disc-Jockey job[]

Personal life[]


  • Anybody outside the agency call him Epic Penguin because he was told that iSpy can give hints about his job.
  • The disc-jockey part-time job is just a cover so that others do not think of him as a jobless. He actually likes the job and dancing and mixing tunes with DJ Crow and Cadence. In the Night Club, his stage name is "DJ Epic".

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