Club Penguin Fan Universe
The pod of the doc.
Vital statistics
Type Mech... thingie.
Effects None known...
Source Aye-Que. Where else?
Location With Aye-Que
Cost to buy Why?
Cost to sell Why, again?

The IQ-Pod (also known as the Aye-Que Pod or the Q-Pod) is a floating pod-thing that Doctor Aye-Que uses to get around (he is a puffle, you know).


When he finally realized he needed real help, he built the IQ-Pod. It took a while to build, being a puffle (and his "help" not being helpful); 5 weeks, to be exact.


  • Aye-Que is very proud of this mech, being one of his best floating ones.
  • It can fit 3 people sometimes; other times, it's a single-seater.

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