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Vital statistics
Type Town
Location HunEmpire
Inhabitants Penguins and Puffles

Hunston is the capital city of the HunEmpire


Hunston was built by Sir James Hun, as a colony in 1610 as the capital city of the island. The city has a small port, which traded minerals, goods, food and fish as well. Hunston was knwon as a small town until the USA government granted it city hood in 2001. The city has many monuments and many castles. Only one school, Hunston University is located on the island. The city also contains a large archives and library facility, one of the biggest in the continent. The city also has many shops and restaurants as well. The city soon opened it's airport, Hunston Regional Airport in 2008.



  • James Square is a large public square in Hunston
  • Hunts's Bay is a small bay, bordering Hunston
  • Mount Hun is a large mountain near Hunston Harbour, a 360° panoramic view can be seen from the mountains' summit.
  • Castle Hun is the official residence of the royal family of Hun.
  • Hunston City Hall is a large building, for the municipal government of Hunston
  • John Hun Boulevard is the main road of the city, has many shops, and restaurants.
  • Hunt Archives Building is a large library containing important documents


  • Penguins
  • puffles
  • High Penguins


  • Oranges
  • Fish
  • Gold

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