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Hun Empire Tech is a huge weapons company in the HunEmpire that suplies weapons to the HunEmpire army.


Hun Empire Tech was founded in 2009 by a really smart penguin named Jary The Gadget Guy (who is posibley a relitive of Gary the gadget guy) At first the only weapons that they made were small tiny deletion fire crackers that could only delete some thing the size of a can of soda but then Ben Hun desided to fund Hun Empire tech as long as it only suplied weapons for the Hun Empire and ever since then Hun Empire Tech has been one of the biggest weapons company in antartica.


All products are only gaven to the HunEmpire army


  • Knock out Missile (Knocks out enemys)
  • Pin Deletion Missle (very small deletion Missile that uses a super-charged Deletion Crystal instead of the usual Deletion Flux Crystal)

Guns and lasers[]

  • Tickle Blaster 47 (Tickles enemy so much they burst laughing)


  • Ben Hun Funds it