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Hun Elites is a group of power full penguins chosen by Ben Hun to help him take over Antartica and defeat the evil Darktan.


One day as Ben Hun was siting in the HunEmpire he suddenly desided for some odd reason to try to take over antartica.So he desided to start recruiting power full and speacialy trained people to join him in his goal to take over Antartica.


They are currently doing mass recruiting and possibley plaing an attack on Flywish's Army





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Tech Department[]

(Provide New Weapons and better equipment)

  • Brain


Attack on Flywish[]

  • Target:Flywish's Army
  • Difficulty:rank 4
  • Odds:in a war

Flwish is becoming waaay to cocky! I think we should attack him and take his stuff.

Attack on Darktan[]

  • Target:Darktan's Army
  • Difficulty:Rank 7
  • Odds:Horrible

We are running low on suplies and could also gain more advanced weapon tech from Darktan besides his castle would make such a good fort


  • Ben Hun formed and leads the army
  • THEY are low on Members
  • Flywish stopped hating Xorai so they could help him in his war with them.


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