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Hun Commando
The Mighty Hunguin Commandos.
Vital statistics
Title Elite Trooper,Hunguin Warrior.
Gender Male
Race Hunguin
Faction HunEmpire
Health good
Level 20
Status fighting,waging war,invading,some times invading a McDoodles of Burger Khan for lunch.
Location Stationed in the HunEmpire ready for war.
Occupation Fighting,war,invading,being PWNSOME.
Interests Fighting,War,Invadng,being PWNSOME.
Friends Ben Hun,Hunguins,Penguins,HunEmpire itself.
Enemies Creatures that dare resist them.
Archetype Commando.

The mighty 'Hun Commandos' are the elite strong force that are the backbone of the HunEmpires military force.Learning all the most advanced tactics,battling strategys,and equiped witht he best weaopons and armour that the mighty HunEmpires funds can buy the Hunguin Commandos are a pure pwnsome force to be reckoned with even matching up to Snowzerlands War Bots.





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