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The HunEmpire Air Force are a large group of penguins who protect the HunEmpire From the air.


In 2009 it was decided by the National Assembly of the HunEmpire to create the Air Force. Since they didn't already have one. The Commander of the Air Force, was picked personally by Ben Hun, was Commander Barnaby Snow, a top pilot at the USA Air Force, who is of Hunian descent. The Assembly also voted that they would order many more aircraft in the coming months. In 2009, the HunEmpire is one of the largest air force on the continent. The air force has 12 bases in and around the HunEmpire.


Service Aircraft[]

  • Blockheed-Matin F-18 (37)
  • Blockheed-Matin F-22 (45)
  • C-18 Continental (13)
  • HL-120 Orion (19)
  • U-4 Serpent (7)
  • B-2 Knight (20)
  • J-88 Eagle (43) Helicopter

Training Aircraft[]

  • Nell 66 (23) Helicopter
  • Jayhawk 77 (32)


  • Commander Snow
  • Deputy Commander Shaw
  • Pilots (507)
  • Air Gunner (500)
  • Ground Crew (700)
  • Aircraft Engineer (400)
  • Other (600)


  • They are led by Commander Snow
  • They are allies to most of the Air Forces of the continent
  • They have about 2,500 members.

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