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This tale has been told! It's done!

How To Be A Hobo is the second book in The How-To Series, written by SpamZap. It tells how to be a hobo, respectively.


Want people to think you're a hobo? Well here is how! With How To Be A Hobo, You, yes YOU, can act homeless!


  1. Wear some glasses like 3-D ones that look like you just pulled them out of a dumpster.
  2. Have an Afro or some long hair (dreadlocks).
  3. Make your igloo blank.
  4. Wear some weird shirt, that looks like a piece of trash.
  5. Make friends or go on member's igloos and live in there for a short amount of time.
  6. Don't have a background, just a pin, because they're free.
  7. Don't buy a puffle, or hide yours in your igloo. Because puffles are 800 coins, and a hobo buying an 800 coins item won't look hoboish.
  8. Say weird stuff for when you mean other things such as " want to a go down there to the swimming place" for "dock".
  9. Have fun being a hobo!
  10. No membership? Try wearing free things, not unlocked items because it makes you look less like a hobo. Try wearing the free item at the Medevil party, it makes you look 100% hoboish.


  • Try not to live in someone's igloo too long or they might report you. You can't get banned for this, though.
  • To act like a real hobo, Try going to areas like the town and say stuff like "Spare change?" or "Spare cough change cough cough" to look like you need money.
  • Wear the Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal city background to look like you live on the streets


  • Do not live in in someone else's Igloo for too long. They may report you.