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It wants to burn me!!
Vital statistics
Title Roger Lopez's dragon
Gender Female
Race Dragon
Faction The Roger Clones
Health Very good
Level 500
Status Alive
Location Forest
Interests Burning and whacking with her tail
Friends Roger Lopez
Enemies Every one Roger hates, Hardcore

Hornietail is a female dragon that was adopted by Roger Lopez, and is in The Roger Clones.


Hornietail was created by the Pyramid of Parody, created in 2002. She was found between the trees of the Forest asleep, when she was found by Roger Lopez, at the time he revealed to be a wizard. The dragon at first didn't like Roger, until he gave steak to her (a really BIG steak), and started to like Roger. She then let Roger to adopt her, and now is Rogers pet.


Hornietail loves burning with her fire breath, which can reach to 50 feet (actually 53 feet, each day Roger trains her to make her breath reach longer). She also loves whacking others with her spiked tail. Like Roger, Mwa Mwa Penguins are her enemy.


  • Hornietail loves steak, especially BIG ones.
  • Her tail has lots of horns.
  • She hates everyone Roger hates.
  • She's in The Roger Clones.
  • Shes the replacement for the fire element on Rogers Elemental Guitar, since he gave it to his best friend.
  • She refers to Roger as "Roargrrr".

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