Club Penguin Fan Universe
Homsolo Penguin
That's her.
Vital statistics
Title Homsolo
Gender Female
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Unknown
Health Good
Level Unknown
Status Out in space, making strange undecodable wailing noises.
Location Outer Space
Occupation Ruler of Dorayakimania
Interests LOTS! Espically friends!
Friends Many good friends and one BEST friend
Enemies Periwinkle puffles? (and of course, Mabel, which is a PURPLE puffle)
Archetype Uhm...

Homsolo is a member penguin (Because she gained membership in November 2009). Not much is known about her, except that she's currently in outer space, making wailing noises. No one is sure why.


Homsolo was hatched around April of some year in Club Penguin Island. She is the 2nd oldest of six, and the smartest. (Ok, not really...) But, she seems to be more hyper than her five siblings, and very rumbumcious! Her siblings are jealous of her though, since she became a member, while they had to be stuck as a non-member.

Homsolo's Siblings[]

  • Ira Flatow (3rd oldest sister, previously thought to be a distant cousin)
  • Keyswordtar (4th oldest sister)
  • Pino46 (1st oldest sister)
  • Tundra Mist (5th oldest sister)
  • Homsolo Too (youngest brother, named after Homsolo herself)


  • "Down to Earth!"
    • Nobody except for HP knows what this means.
  • "It's all the loading screens!"
  • "You are about to be crushed by a giant corn."
  • "Hi-low!"
  • "(singing) I won't forget, I won't forget, that's why today as normal I will be waiting just like that day..."
    • This is just the translation. The actual song is in another language.
  • "-_-"


  • In the Clubb Phengin Weekee's "Showt Bockz", Homsolo loves to quote from a television show called Phineas and Ferb. Hat Pop delights in joining in, and often, nobody understands what they are talking about.
  • Hat Pop is great friends with Homsolo.
  • When Homsolo is a non-member, she usually wears a ninja mask, mainly as a "substitute" for black sunglasses.
  • On January 2010, Homsolo "rediscovered" the Snorkel Viking myth, and even became one!
  • Homsolo's distant cousin sister is Ira Flatow, whom many once thought is actually Homsolo's alias.
  • Once, Homsolo's pie was missing from the Clubb Phengin Weekee, and ventured far out (with the help of Alxeedoo1010) to search for it, until she appearently admitted it to be a XD joke (In other words, she ate the actual pie). What a case of pure lulz.
  • Homsolo is a big fan of Alxeedo the Awesome. HE ROCKS!!!!!!1 Even though she talks to his cousin more often. And I do mean more often! Besides, they talk to each other via talk pages MOSTLY EVERY DAY!!!!!
  • Homsolo could speak Cantonese.
  • Homsolo's former favorite clothing is the almighty Red Propeller Cap!
  • Homsolo is known to fall asleep easily.
  • She is a princess in the country of Tel Ah Phon. She is known there as "Lady Homsolo".
  • Meaghan wants to meet her, as Childpengu1 said her she is a great friend.
  • After hearing about from her best friend (guess who?), Homsolo is currently on a mission to look for it... AND TURN HER WORST EMENIES (that means you, Mabel) INTO ZOMBIES!!!! MU HU HU HA HA!!!
  • Periwinkle puffles are Homsolo's WORST EMENY. And so is Mabel, but... mostly Homsolo is busy defending penguins (ESPICALLY one penguin) from periwinks (short for periwinkle puffles).
  • Tim Hudson wants to meet her as soon as possible.