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Project Tracker is a project made to find out the truth about the Sapie Brothers. It started secretly on October 1, 2008 and then some civilians, like Turtle, Shroom and Ford Car were let in on the information. It was officially ended on December 16, 2008, because the brothers discovered the hidden cameras while setting up Xmas decor. Read more...
Past featured articles
Fudd Lapooh is a partially insane orange puffle who is the Bureau of Fiction's main plumber and a great prankster. He is owned by Johnathan Wolfhunter along with his sister Lian Lapooh. Read more...

Wiki News
9 February 2015
Loyal User Could Be Stepping Down: To See The User, Click Here; The User
18 January 2015
HORRAY! Hydro Plane is killed by a Ditto,for more information click here
3 February 2012
A story has been started by Grenade Pug aka. P4, called The Race Against Time.
2 June 2010
EternalMagma has been promoted to BOSS, courtesy of Explorer 767.
13 June 2010
For Great Justice is being continued. The Wikia Catastrophe is also being finished, both courtesy of various users..
2 June 2010
XTUX345 has been promoted onto the Rollback Task Force, courtesy of Dancing Penguin.
14 May 2010
KingH10 has been promoted onto the Rollback Task Force, courtesy of Explorer 767.
5 May 2010
The About Page was revamped with a Texan twist, courtesy of Kwiksilver.
2 May 2010
The Rollback Home was majorly fixed and improved, courtesy of KingH10.
26 March 2010
User:Jsudsu9988 (jsucooldude1) has been promoted onto the Rollback Task Force, courtesy of Kwiksilver.
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