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Hobo Bay
Hobo Bay image1
A lowly-detailed, cross-section view, Explorer-vandilized photo of Hobo Bay.
Hobo Bay map
An 2004 map of Hobo Bay.
Vital statistics
Type business
Level 23
Location Southwest Eastshield
Inhabitants Employees

Hobo Bay is a company owned by John F. Hobo. It is regarded also as a town. It lies in southwest Eastshield.

Orgins of Company and Structual History[]

John F. Hobo made Hobo Bay when he was five when he wanted to make a refine buissness. At first it was made out of popcorn and stale potatoe fish cemented together. Someone has later added metal, wood, and ice to the structure.

Places in the Factory[]

A safe room, secret under ground tunnels, and secret rooms.


Their main products are selling toys and pets. Other products includes metal, like iron (which gives the least profits as the iron market and rising up) and nickel.


Snowtendo made toys and gave inspiration to John F. Hobo's new company. Their toys are of medium quality, and are cheap too. In 2003, the company was ranked the The Third Most Toys Sold Company by Snowbes. They earned fourth place again in 2004, and fifth in 2005. As the market grew stronger, the company dragged down and eventually reached 10th place in the market in 2006, 2007 and 2009. In 2008, they were ranked 9th after one company was sued for selling low-quality toys at a high price.


They do not just sell puffles, but also sell dogs and several other creatures tamed. These creatures are either imported from further up-north countries like Daire Isle and Maps Island or from the southern side, where Pengolia lies. It is one of the few companies which has such pets, and gained most of the profit here. However, as when deliviring to customers are far-away and expensive for delivery costs, it was ranked only in third place in 2003 to 2006. In 2007, they were ranked first place as the other two companies were having financial trouble. They earned second in 2008. Currently, the results are unknown.


Metals are the least-profiting part of the company, as many metal sellers around Eastshield made the competition fiercer. They only reached enough money to buy some new PA systems. THat's it. Their metal products are Iron and Nickel.


Among all of the products, Toys, Pets and the sub-groups Nickel and Iron, Iron gains the least profits for the company. The iron used to be imported from a nearby mine shared with many other companies. Colbat Inc bought the whole quarry and eventually Hobo Bay resorted to finding one of the most populated mines ever. After researching the product, they concluded that it only makes up 3% of the company profits.


Nickel is the second least profiting type of item in the whole company. It was also dug out from the populated mine. However, there was not as many companies who were digging for Nickel than Iron, subsequently, they have a bigger profit of 6% coverage.

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