Highway 1
Highway 1
Westbound to Dorkugal
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Vital statistics
Type highway
Location USA
Inhabitants None exept USA residents riding cars and aircraft or scooters and occasionally Rocketsnails rocketing

This is a 10 lane highway (with 5 lanes on each side) running through the USA.


This highway, was first proposed in Colonial Antarctica, to improve travel around the country. The proposition was approved in 1995, and construction on the site started in May 1996. The highway travelled through deep gorges, over marshes, and rough ice. When the highway officially opened eight years later, it was only a four land highway, sometimes causing delays in the first few years of its opening. A widening project started in 2005, making the lanes wider, as well as the roads.



List of exits, in order

Ross Island

Sub-Antarctic Islands

Viking Empire

Antarctic Peninsula



  • Exit P:Palace
    • Skyline to Ternville


Exit T: Al's Booth


  • Exit F1:Polar Road
  • Exit F2:Chinook
  • Exit F3:Flurryville
  • Exit F4:Snowbourne
  • Exit F5:East Yeti
  • Exit F6:Freezeborough
  • Exit F7:West Yeti

The Happyface State

  • exit TKHS1:Deer mountain
  • exit TKHS2:Penguin Academy
  • exit TKHS3:Boot Camp
  • exit TKHN1:The Dock
  • exit TKHN2:The Castle
  • exit THKN3:Army Base



If one really wants to get a taste of "the middle of nowhere", the can head off to Yoenah. Fifteen minutes before reaching the Snellville exit, there is an old offramp and a faded two-lane road. This is Redtop Junction Lane. Turn onto that road and travel up it for about fifteen more miles. There, it will branch off into two roads, one continuing as Redtop Junction Lane, and one as Lula Road. Take the left one, Lula Road, and travel onward for three hours to reach Yoenah. Ignore the mysterious/ominous feeling given off by the thick, dense trees dimming the sunlight (when the sun's out).

Fifteen minutes before arrival at Yoenah, and small clearing of blackened soil, almost like a crater, will come into view. This is where the King of Sorrow first appeared. No tree can grow in the scorched clearing. The road resumes on the other side of the crater. Look for a historical marker documenting the event.




  • car hijakers


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