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High Willy
Willy at his highest power
Vital statistics
Title Willy the High Penguin
Gender Male
Race High Penguin/Adélie Penguin
Faction His own self
Health Healthy
Level 64
Status Fighting for good
Location Within Willy


Having William the Penguin as his great-great-great-great-great grandfather and as a High Penguin, Willy is a quarter High Penguin, (even though he should be about two fourths) and so is was bound to have Willy combine his Werebeast, normality, Wee-gee immunity, Oceanrock, and High Penguin DNA to mix and create an (almost) invincible penguin that would save the entire penguin race. (Well, you know, if such an event would actually occur) So technically, Willy is a mutant, due to his DNA, as the fact that his High Penguin genes are higher than they should be, which is actually a genetic mutation.


High Willy looks like normal Willy, except his hoodie is now orange, his cap is now orange also, and his feathers are yellow. He also has a over the shoulder bag called a Magic Satchel


High Willy is only used in great battles and when the entire penguin race might be in trouble. Willy usually lets other important figures handle the serious, large stuff.


  • Willy's "mutant" and normal DNA combined to make the super form.
  • He breaks the fourth wall and wise-cracks in this form also, but is mostly serious.
  • He has the ability to fly while in this state.


  • Dang man, any closer with that sword and you would have had my head for breakfast, oh wait, it's about noon isn't it?
  • Take your own life, save a thousand.
  • Oh, that's a wedgie!
  • That's gonna hurt in the morning!
  • I'll just stand back here, and YOU go fight!

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