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High Sysop of the Reaper System
Kent Darkley

since November 2009
ResidenceIIRS HQ, South Pole City, Polar District, Eastshield, USA
AppointerPresident of the United States of Antarctica
Term lengthTwo years
Inaugural holderKent Darkley
FormationNovember 2009
Salary10,000 pebbles a month


The position of High Sysop of the Reaper System is the highest office on the IIRS. Its incumbant holder is Kent Darkley and it is subject to controversy.


This position was formed at the same time as the IIRS was initiated. Kent Darkley was appointed by Billybob in November. President Billybob never created nor authorized the IIRS, but it somehow ended up in the Executive Cabinet anyway. He chose Kent because a Gothguin seemed to fit the name of the branch. Kent was also a good friend of Billybob. Kent, though dark and spooky (mostly due to species), is actually a penguin of decent integrity. It was ruled, after a major search, that Kent Darkley had nothing to do with the mysterious vanishing of public funding, so it must be somewhere else in the bureaucracy.


Unlike many other positions, the High Sysop doesn't have as much power as it may be expected.

The IIRS is a huge, sprawling bureaucracy which employees hundreds. The High Sysop can commission and write tax codes, but he has to recieve approval from Barrick Abanana. Without approval, the High Sysop can do nothing when it comes to writing taxes. He can, however, issue an audit and review anyone's tax records, and can hijack the usual Reaper circuits and send them to any place he feels needs a reaper to appear it.


  • The High Sysop is one of the few Executive Cabinet positions who do not serve life tenure. The position is reappointed every two years.

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