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High Knights of Darkness
Vital statistics
Title High Penguins of the Darkness
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Darktan's army
Health Evil!
Level High and Evil!
Status Leading the armies of Darktan
Location Various

The High Knights of Darkness are a group of High Penguins serving Darktan. They are mainly the generals, officers and the elites of Daktan's army. High Knights of Darkness are tactical masters, often leading something a small as a squad of a few Doom Knights and Abyss Knights to an entire army sized unit. They are recruited from evil veteran and battle hardened High Penguins. At other times they serve along side Darktan's honour guard, the Dark Archons.


When Darktan created his army, he knew that his soldiers couldn't lead themselves. Most of them wearn't independant enough to lead themselves or haven't been trained to. Darktan soon came up with a solution when he recruited some of the most evil and deadly High Penguins to lead his armies. He tested it on Eastshield and took control of the state. Thankfully, Triskelle took a army and PWNED Darktan. However, he knew his plan had worked and he made them Greater Minons. With a few penguins who could give out orders, Darktan really only needed to answer to the conclave of doom but he still gave out orders. Some, however, wearn't impressed by Darktan and they decided to join another one of the major villains; the United Penguin's Republic. Most, however, still stayed with Darktan. At first, they wore the same uniforms as Doom Knights but they were later given their own type of armour.


Normaly, you would see the High Knights leading armies, groups and legions of Knights of all type. They have not been fed the Doom Weed. Despite the fact Dark Templars are not really Knights, it's not uncomman to see one with them.

The average High Knight would be seen leading a squad of four Doom Knights, two Abyss Knights, one Dark Templar and one Dark Archon. This is a total of 8 creatures at the High Knight's disposal. Above a squad is a battle group, consisting of four sqauds. They're lead by a major. Above that is the brigade, consisting of 10 battle groups. Field Masters lead a legion of 10 brigades. A Supreme Commander lead an army and the number depend on how many the overall commander, the Imperial Commadner, or Darktan, has provided them, although it usually consists of three legions. The Imperial Commander has command of the whole army, only to be outranked by the Conclave of Doom and Darktan.


Although High Knights are classed as Elite Minions, they have their own ranking system.

From highest to lowest!

  • Imperial Commander
  • Supreme Commander
  • Field Master
  • High Knight Ultra
  • High Knight Major
  • High Knight Minor


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