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The Hickory Dickory Documents
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Vital statistics
Type Log
Effects Log of sightings
Source PSA Secret Documents
Location In the PSA files
Cost to buy Not avaliable
Cost to sell Nope, no can do.

The Hickory Dickory Documents is a PSA file on the mysterious, rumored Sanity Human, The Doctor. It records every sighting and event concerning him.


Judoon on the Moon[]

Doctor Hickory was unexpectedly trapped in a hospital bound for the moon.

18th May 1789

When The Doctor said he was a time traveller, the PSA searched through records and other things from long ago. They found that the famous picture of Joshua Cream making Cream Soda on Gentoo Island had a mysterious figure in the background. On closer inspection, it proved to be the Doctor.

20 March 2009

First Sighting by Kwiksilver

Kwiksilver wrote this down:

The doctor appeared one day in a curious blue box. On closer inspection it said POLICE PUBLIC CALL on it. Just appeared. Like faded into view. There was a rasping noise that filled the air. After it stopped, the door opened and the doctor stepped out.

"Hello you little cute penguin!" he said. "Oh look, Rose, it's even wearing clothes!"

A blonde-haired female Sanity Human stepped out of the box.

"He is very cute." said Rose, smiling.

"Wha- who are you?" I asked.

The doctor's jaw dropped. So did Rose's.

"You can talk?" he asked.

"Yeah, what's wrong with it?"

"Oh no, the space-time continum must be breaking! Come on Rose!"

And he plunged back into the blue box. The rasping noise started again and it faded away. A few seconds later it came back. The doctor hopped out and concluded there was nothing wrong. We had a long chat and he told me about heaps of things. Then he left again.


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