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Hernist is a biker who dresses up like Elvis Presley. He has a lot of endurance and stamina. He was often hired by Decapod to steal Abel's blueprints and decoder. Robert's good luck allows him to defeat Hernist each time. He is often hirable.


When he was a chick, he used to beat up other chicks in school for fun. He later beat a kid into a coma stole his bicycle. He often entered bike shows and always won. He later grew up. He became a guard. Decapod was the first to hire him. Hernist became Decapod's guard for a while. Decapod however used Hernist to finally get into Abel's stuff. Robert O'vian and Trickster456 stopped him quickly. This often made him upset. He then bought a motorcycle and went to tough places. He turned his hair into some kind of weird hairdo, and put on glasses. He put on gloves and boots and became a biker. He often attacked very strong penguins.


  • He is a parody of Dennis from the Spongebob Squarepants Movie.
  • Despite always beating him, Robert is scared of him as well as Trickster.
  • He is stronger than Mandy and Chuck combined.

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