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Vital statistics
Type State
Level 1-25
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Here is the third biggest state in Nothing. Something must be there, however, and of course there is. It's the towns Now and Then. It is widely known in the whole continent that it's competitor is the state of There further northwest.


That year, 11 penguins who entered the virtual world of Nothing rested in the city of Something. They later moved to the The State of Idoreconise around February, a month after entering. They later were bored there, and set out further north to form a newer state. Finally, by March 2009, they exited the state they lived in's borders, and formed the state of Here (since it's there, or should it be named there ... but it's here! So it's here). They first founded the city of Now with several buildings. Other penguins came along and helped to construct the new populated area. After construction three quarters (3/4) of the whole megalopolis, they moved to an area a few km/miles away from that area to construct Then. Virtual Trees will be planted towards the west of the town. More can be found in the below section.

Here and There Controversy[]

Lately, the words "Here" and "There" are widely confused. Despite the fact that another state is named "There", why can't "Here" by named "There"? If there was no such state as There yet, then they could have named it There since penguins will say "There is there!" (thinking that that area is "there" or "there" is at that area)


  • Now--The state capital and biggest city in Here.
  • There--A city currently being constructed and will be a second-hand city for visitors.
  • Virtual Trees--First virtual forest which could be experienced in Antarctica (not just Nothing, but everything in Antarctica)
  • Lake Stampede--The only artificial lake filled with water collected from the Well of Honour and You River.
  • Industrial Area--A set-aside area for factories. ONLY factories.
    • Industrial Town Market--A market ONLY for the Industrial Area. Markets could be found in the cities , too.
  • Extra Land will be bought for more construction
  • You River--The third among the three REAL rivers. It is shaped like a "U". It used to cover up hidden areas of Nothing, but had been minimized using two "dams", FORMING THE SHAPE OF U.


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