Club Penguin Fan Universe
Herbert through Time: The Videogame
Vital statistics
Type Videogame
Effects Videogame Effects
Source Snowtendo
Cost to buy 8 dollars
Cost to sell 8 dollars

Herbert through Time is a videogame.


Characters: Minsky, Jtolla, Fluffy, Velma, Lennie, Tasha, The Alien, G, (once first level is completed) Aunt Artic, Sarah the Gadget Gal, Sensei, Cadence, Klutzy, (once game is finished) Herbert. (One game is finished.) Level 1: you choose an already unlokced character to play as, then G asks you to find 3 gears on Club Penguin. They will randomly position eachother everytime you play the level. Once you find them and give them to G, he can finish his time machine. You then have to assemble it.

Cutscene: Herbert sneaks in and steals time machine.

Level 2: (you will select an unlocked character) You will go to the HQ and find that the Time Machine is gone. So you climb in a prototype and head off. You want yourself in a scenery that looks like the play The Penguins Who Forgot Time. You realize you went back in time. You will then see Herbert and Klutzy training a dinosaur. When they see you, the dinosaur runs to you, and you have to attack it. There will be a cutsecene after you kill it.

Cutscene: Portal opens. Herbert and Klutzy jump in. You jump in after them.

Level 3: (you will select a character) You then find yourself in a pyramid. Then you see a polar bear in a mummy suit. You must defeat him, and then you see Klutzy and Herbert running. You follow them.

Cutscene: Herbert and Klutzy jump into portal.

Level 4: (you choose a character)

This is the final battle. You are now back in your own time. You must defeat Herbert and Klutzy, then you have finished! You may now go back and play on freeplay!

Cutscene: Klutzy's cell is empty. Then you see a crab army getting in the time machine.


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