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Herbert P. Bear Xquire
Herbert P. Bear Xquire image
The terrifying Herbert X
Vital statistics
Title Herbert X
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Evil
Health Excellent
Level Unknown
Status Temporarily Leading a few other Antibodies
Location Mountains of Freezeland

Herbert P. Bear Xquire, or simply Herbert X, is the terrifying X-Antibody of Herbert. He resembles a large, walking Bear Skeleton with a bluish X on his forehead.


Herbert caught the X-Virus like many others in the USA did. Like PogoPunk X, since he wasn't native to Antarctica the X-Virus had weird affects on him. His face would occasionally turn green, and would be almost unable to move at all for a few minutes sometimes. Finally he decided he couldn't take it anymore, and demanded that he should see a doctor. Being a villian though, no doctor wanted to help Herbert, so Klutzy took the Bear to a Dark Templar. The operation turned out to be a success and soon a green substance was removed. The Templar decided to dispose of it, but unfortunatley it started crawling all over the floor. He tried to catch it, but soon it started to form a figure looking almost like Herbert himself. Eventually it formed a skeletal, polar bear like creature that had red glowing eyes. The creature waved goodbye and ran into the nearby mountains.

Eventually Herbert X found more X-Antibodies, and has been partially leading them since. They are currently waiting for Nightmare to come, and lead them.


Herbert X currently resides in the mountains of Freezeland. Like Herbert, he hates penguins (except for his fellow X-Antibodies) and usually tries to attack them. One common attack he'll do is to try and jump on them, but that will usually just cause him to fall apart. He rebuilds himself quickly though, but will then suprisingly try the same attack once again.


  • He's a parody of Dry Bowser.
  • Despite being against Darktan, Herbert X is good friends with Herbert Horror.
  • Unlike the other Antibodies, he dosen't talk. Instead he just grunts or growls.
  • He's the strongest of the X-Antibodies.
  • He is in Nightmare's Army
  • WishFlyX said: "I have to take him from Nightmare" When he first saw Herbert X.

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