Club Penguin Fan Universe
Henry S. Urviver
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Location Forest


Survivor Penguin

January 1st 2009 I am Henry S. Urvivor. This is my survival journal. I am heading to the forest with only a pocket knife, a swimsuit, and a fishing rod. I am going to stay in the wilderness for a year. Oh, and my blue puffle George is coming with me. I am at the forest. Now I just have to go to an unknown section. Well, I will just hike between those trees. I’ve walked for 43 miles now. I think this is a good spot. There are a lot of wolves out there. I can still hear music from the stage. I think I saw something move! Ok, I shouldn’t panic, it’s just a WERE PUFFLE! They are surrounding me! My blue puffle went off into the forest. When he came back, he had a brown puffle with him. They had become friends. And it looked like this were puffle was nice and pleasant. I decided to name this puffle Henry. Me, Henry, and George, all went to bed for a successful day 1. January 2nd 2009 When I woke up the next morning it was silent. Too silent. It was so silent that it was like I couldn’t breath. That’s because I couldn’t. I was nervous. Because Henry and George were gone. This was bad. George had the map. I was lost. I had no choice. I had to get my puffle back. All that day I was going through the woods. And then I fell asleep on a bush. Bad decision. In Club Penguin there is a black and white puffle with a tail called a skunk. They left a bad smell if you disturbed them. So, after a stinky fight with a skunk, I fell asleep in a tree. Another bad choice. A squirrel threw nuts at me. So I fell asleep in a hole I dug. January 3rd 2009 Did I mention the whole I dug? Another bad choice. When I woke up, there were animals of all kind in it. It was hibernation season. Out of all the animals inside, none of them were puffles. MY puffles, atleast. Then a porcupine woke up, and spiked me. I was out. December 3rd 2009 You’re probably thinking, “How did he sleep that long?” I didn’t. I would get spiked, and wake up a few days later. Than I would get spiked again. It was stupid. Hibernation was over! He had made that his permanent home. Than an agent on a jet pack came and picked me up. He had two puffles. Two puffles I knew... THE END



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