Club Penguin Fan Universe
Henry P. Bear Esquire
Henry P. Bear image
Henry P. Bear
Vital statistics
Title Evil Polar Bear
Gender Male
Race Polar Bear
Faction Unknown
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Evil
Location LEEPB HQ

Henry P. Bear is Herbert's older brother, and Henrietta P. Bear's twin. Like Mary, he joined the LEEPB and now works with his brother. For Some Reason, he's green because he ate pickles.


Henry, and Henrietta were born soon after Mary was. Because of the twins strange color none of the other Polar Bears paid much attention to them. Then when Mary got her hypnotic power, they, along with Herbert, were basicly ignored. Rejection from his parents made Henry a very grumpy polar bear. Because no one liked him, he finally decided to do what Herbert did a few months ago. Henry hopped on a ice berg, and floated for months. By luck he reached Club Penguin, were Herbert was currently hiding out. Herbert gave him food, and Henry joined the LEEPB. Henry has been working with his brother ever since then.


Henry is a very strong polar bear, and seems to like to torture penguins. He usually goes with his sister Mary to help her. If Mary's hypnotic powers don't work on the penguins, Henry will try to torture them to make them tell.


  • Henry's disadvantage is that he can't use his fur for camouflage like Herbert.
  • Henry's green fur is thought to be caused from algae growing in his fur. This is actually normal in extremely warm climates, indicating the Henry didn't always live in the tundra.
  • He probly got his red eyes from Ditto A.

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