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Helper himself
Vital statistics
Title Dr
Gender Boy
Race Penguin
Level epf
Status Cp
Location Normally Abominable
Occupation Epf agent
Interests Epf, Doctor who, Backgrounds
Friends Dodge595
Enemies Etc Etc Etc

Helper2000 is a penguin which was created in 2007. since then he has been a original epf agent, a time traveller and a scienctist. he is friends with billybob and is related to aunt artic. he is normally found on abominable.


helper2000 was a cover penguin of flufty(his brother) and a son of bonzo321 who was a son of bonzo. he has a sister call pinkoblue. since birth helper2000 has been a member. he is sometimes spotted on abominable. he normally wears a black hoodie, epf suit, guiter or a green hoodie


he is an original epf agent, an early psa agent, a tour guide and a member of the acp.


is found normally on abominable

has a black puffle

is good at aqua grabber

has got 10 000 at cart surfer

likes doctor who

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