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Heat Missiles
Some in development.
Vital statistics
Type Nuke
Effects Heat
Source Heat And Metal
Location Nuke
Cost to buy Pricless
Cost to sell Pricless

A Heat Missile is a rather weak, but still extremely dangerous, cruise missile initally invented by that scoundrel, Xorai. These are like bombs, but far hotter, igniting nearby areas instantly. The targets of these weapons better hope to have a good fire department.


Most Heat Missiles are stockpiled in Xorai's Base, as Xorai is the creator.

Heat Missiles are red and yellow striped and are about twice the size of a Deletion Missile, but their mighty size is to store all of the raw flames. A Heat Missile only travels at one fourth the speed of a Deletion Missile, making them far easier to detect than their dangerous counterparts.

Upon detonation, vast quantities of Ditto A violently explode in a devastating fireball, igniting any nearby materials (wood, metal, plants, etc.), casting them ablaze like a wildfire. The radius of the Ditto fireball can extend up to 1 mile. If fired into the heart of a large city, the flames could begin to consume it, costing millions of pebbles in damage. These weapons can not set fire to creatures or their clothes, however, since that would disobey the COC.

Shooting down a Heat Missile nullifies its powder effect, but when the missile hits the ground, it explodes like a homemade bomb, still creating some damage. The best way to get rid of a Heat Missile is to delete it.


  • East Pengolia is rumored to possess Heat Missiles.

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