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Happyface Gets Married!
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Vital statistics
Participants Happyface, Felicia Ovamy
Date 12/31/09
Location Location

Happyface Gets Married! is the glorious event when HF and Felicia are wed.

The event[]

It the was the night before the wedding. HF and his friends are having a dinner party. Sitting next to Happyface on the right was Felicia, and on the left is Explorer, planning to prank him. HF asked him earlier to give a speech. He knew it was a great opportunity to prank HF.Explorer stood up to start speaking.

"The day I met HF, we knew we would have a good friendship. He was pranking Mabel, and I was drinking a smoothie, hoping Mabel would get pranked."

Mabel started growling.

"Then when I met Felicia, I knew HF was a lucky man. She was a great pranker, and knew HF is his childhood. So now, I wish you guys good luck, and know the owl's eye radiates."

With the last word, everyone took out a straw and began shooting spitballs at HF, who began firing back. He knew it was going to be a good time.


Happyface gets married, Mabel is stuck inside a cake, and Willy gets arrested.

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