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Happy Day Donuts
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Vital statistics
Type Bakery
Level Level 1.5
Location USA
Inhabitants Penguins

Happy Day Donuts is a popular bakery created by Khanz Penguins to make Pingu Khan to spread. It now has quite a compettion between Absurd Donuts, which apparently also did it to help Pingu Khan.

They built it to test his character. Was he mean and bossy when offended, or would he remain the normal "Oh Happy Day" penguin he was thought to be?


Happy Day Donuts was found a Khanz that failed miserably in the Penguin Academy. Pingu Khan never found out about this until he was driven by it on Highway 1.

The Closure of the old name[]

Pingu Khan was sad when he saw the restaurant earlier. He told Penghis Khan's servants to take it down, using the following speech:

"Friends, why exactly is there a building ridiculing who I am? Is that not sad? Would you like to be ridiculed by a restaurant? No, you would not. If you would please tear down the buildings, I'll give you each a candy cane."

The buildings fell like they were made of asbestos.

They rebuilded it renamed it: Happy Day Donuts is The Happyface State where Happyface141 and company is out searching for the New Donut flavor coming out which is the "Smiley Lemon Swirl" donut. Pingu Khan is happy about it. Today, there are over about 2,000 stores countrywide.


  • Ordering Counter
  • Two Tables


  • Penguins


  • Long Lines
  • Crazy Hobos trying to steal your money


  • Doughtnuts
  • Bread
  • Doughtnut Holes
  • Pastries


  • Pingu Khan likes this place.
  • Penghis Khan loves this place and has recently said, "Penghis Khan wants this resturaunt to spread."
  • Happy Day Doughnuts was established as a test of Pingu's character. Was he bossy when mad, or was he the gentle penguin they hoped for.
  • It was formerly named PWNSOME DONUTS!!!! until Pingu Khan demolished it.

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