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The official title card for Happiness.
Show statistics
Genre Comedy sitcom
Created by
Cast Maddieworld as herself
Mabel as herself
G as himself
Cadence as herself
Babypuff as herself
Airing date
Opening theme
Running time 20 minutes
Country of origin USA
Language(s) English
Production company(s)
No. of seasons 2 seasons
No. of episodes 40 episodes (unconfirmed)
External Info
Spin-off(s) None
Preseries None

Happiness is a comedy sitcom airing across Antarctica. The stars are Maddieworld, Mabel and Gary.

All Characters[]

This is a list of all of the common characters in Happiness.

  • Maddieworld: the main star of Happiness, living in a mansion near Bambadee Bay.
  • Mabel (played by an actor): The snooty secondary villain of the sitcom. She is always trying to put herself in a better position.
  • G: The smartest out of the three stars.
  • Cadence: She plays quite a minor role, but appears in many episodes. She is the DJ for the night club.
  • Babypuff: Maddie's puffle and MMK-clansmen-wannabe.
  • Dixie: The clerk at one of Maddie's favorite stores.


  • Maddie's Mansion (they actually film this at Maddieworld's Mansion)
  • Dixie's Makeover Palace
  • The Command Room
  • Girly Girlz Night Club
  • The Amusement Park
  • Bambadee Bay
  • The Roost (coffee shop)


Episode 1: Best Friends (except for Mabel)

All the Characters Meet for the first time in the Coffee Shop.

Episode 2: Mwa Mwa Attack! (HIDE ME!!!!)

Mwa Mwas invade Maddie's Mansion and the characters have to fight them off.


  • Maddie's Mansion is dyed pink.
  • Maddie drinks water dyed to look like coffee, since she hates the bitter brew (she believes drinking too much will cause her to act like Explorer).
  • Mabel refused to appear in this television show because it was "indignifying".

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