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Happen Town
Happen Town map
Location of Happen Town within Square Islands.
Country Warmslates
Area 25 km²
Monuments None.
Headquarters None.
Neighbourhoods Only one neighbourhood.
Population 7 500
- rank by 2009: 7 000
Inhabited species Penguins, puffles.
General information
Native name Happen Town
Foreign name
Demonym Happen
Founded November, 1999
- founder Penguins from the DRW.
Time zone SIT (Square Islands Time)
- summer SIST (Square Islands Summer Time)
Area codes 976 (Cutter Island)

Happen Town is a small port on Square Islands. It is the capital of this country. It is located on Cutter Island, near the Cutoff Bay. It supplies fresh fish to the USA, as fish in these regions are the best. Square Islands waters are technically untouched, so the water's pollution is is very low/there is no water pollution. The town is famous as well because of two main roads going out of it. It means, that all roads on Cutter Island lead to Happen Town. The town was named like that, because anything happened in Happen Town, everybody in the USA hear that immediately. Most trends around the USA come from this small town.

Past and future[]

The city was built as a small village. It was constructed in the Warmslateian theme, because the DRW colonised these islands. The town grew quickly, as all penguins from the DRW came exacly into this place. The port town was built, and the Western Penguiki colony rose up. The town was the capital of it. In 2000, the colony became a territory of the DRW, currently named Square Islands Territory. Since it is far from the DRW, the culture is a bit different, and the differences became bigger. Soon, Happen Town and Penguiki, or Denes won't be similar anymore. This may result in Square Islands become independent, but it is only a possible future.

Some other things[]

Climate here is the same, as in the continental USA. It is much colder here, than in the DRW, which is a notable difference between them. It is not said, Sq Territory wants to be independent, but if thing go like that, it may become independent. But it doesn't have to. Currently, 63% wants to belong to the DRW, but if the Denes government makes a false move, it could change really fast.