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Hackzon Valley
Hackzon Valley
Binary! To the right of the broken, floating house is the CP Trainer itself.
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Vital statistics
Type town\valley
Level -101100111000
Location West of GourdZoid
Inhabitants hackers, skuas, and leopard seals, oh, and how about a couple thousand tourists?

Hackzon Valley is a sinister, glitched land in the Trans-Antarctic Mountains. Binary Code floats about in this area, and someone could actually get hit by the zeroes and ones floating around! You dont want to go here! The CP Trainer once resided here in it's golden years, but it's now at THE SKIP. One penguin actually ate a one and had stomach problems for the rest of the week.



Hackzon Valley, complete with binary.

Hackzon was the backbone of the Antarctican Gangster Society, housing many cities full of crime. When the Society dissipated, most citizens were sent to the Hot Snow. Hackzon Valley is now almost empty, save for a few skuas here and there. This place is the opposite of Sunshine Fjord, because the sun sets here every winter solstice. There has been a spectacular aurora occuring here ever since everyone left. Some binary has disappeared because of this. It messed up CP Trainer so it won't work anymore. But there might still be hackers here, waiting to reveal their next evil plan. So never think that there is nothing here anymore.


  • Yackor Dungeon
  • Hack Club
  • Tourists, the South Pole Council declared the land free of evil. Aurora and remaining binary is a hit.



  • Hacking
  • Ditto: An evil potion made by leopard seals

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