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Hacker-ma-jig 3000
Hacker-ma-jig 3000 image
The Machine in action!
Vital statistics
Type Computer
Effects Hack into anything
Source Unknown
Location Unknown
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

The Hacker-ma-jig 3000 is a computer made by professional hackers. It is capable of hacking into anything, even walls. There have currently been 20,000 copies of this computer made. Top hackers such as Sanity Penguin or MicroChip use this, but Walruses have simpler versions. Only 1 walrus has mastered the pro version, Walrus McManager, who used it to hack recently.

But, The EPF, Metal Force and a few others have attempted to steal one of these with disguises as a walrus or a hacker. Unluckly, they were found out, and the agents that were sent out to get one are still currently missing, suspected brainwashed with Headcrabs by Walruses.

It has to be used with a mouse and keyboard. The keyboard for commands, the mouse for changing/editing current hacks.


The Hacker-ma-jig 3000 (or HMJ3000 for short) is a white/cream computer with a black screen. It has a white keyboard and a white mouse. When started up, it makes a small ding sound in D sharp. Then, the user must press "Start Hacking" before 14 seconds when it terinates itself. It has a long loading screen of a fat walrus slowly sliding over to get a fish. When he reaches the fish, it continues. After loading and booting up, it goes to a black screen with an "H" for "Hacking" and a "~" after the "H". It has many commands. These commands are:

  • "hack <person/room/city/island/etc.>"
  • "save hack"
  • "load last hack"
  • "find hacks"
  • "headcrab view mode"
  • "install defense firewall"
  • "terminate"
  • "quit"
  • "stop hack"
  • "hack for <set time>"
  • "end for <set time>"

There is also a hidden commands, these are:

  • "find fire" - This one finds a firewall near by, but not a defense one, it finds someone elses firewall to penetrate with a hack.
  • "wallpaper" - Don't be tricked by its name. It actually turns the whole machine itself invisible for exactly 30 seconds.
  • "Shade" - The only command with a capital letter, this command lets you turn your contrast down, making the screen visible in sunlight.


  • Only 4 hackers and 9 walruses have a copy.
  • 1 walrus, 1 only, has a copy that it's screen is white and text is black. All other versions, vice versa.
  • At this second, a P.S.A agent has been sent out to obtain one of these.

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