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Hacker's Underworld
Hacker's Underworld
The cave that the /-/4%025 /-/4% (hackers hack) in
Map of Cave
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Vital statistics
Type Cave
Level 0
Location Geek Empire
Inhabitants /-/4%025 (Hackers)

The Hacker's Underworld is a very old cave in the Geek Empire. /-/4%025 (Hackers) inhabit the cave. This cave is known for the /-/4%1|\|6 (hacking) that happens in it every day.


This place was founded when a bunch of /-/4%025 (hackers) were needy of a place to spend all their time /-/4%1|\|6 (hacking) in. One smart /-/4%02 (hacker) built a cave underground for everyone to spend time in. No one knows who built it as his identity was hidden. Soon after built, it has been spread across the /-/4%025 (hackers). After a day, about 50 of them were living in the cave already. As days went by, at least 50 /-/4%025 (hackers) would start living in the cave. 6 months later, lesser /-/4%02 (hackers) came to inhabit the cave. This has been reported to each newspaper in existence after those 6 months.


The area marked with the number 1 are the bedrooms. This is where everyone who lives in the cave sleeps and puts their computers when not in use. Other than that, nothing happens there.

The area marked with the number 2 is where the /-/4%025 (hackers) do all the /-/4%1|\|6 (hacking). They bring their computers from the bedrooms if they are laptops and they place them on empty desks and get to work. They usually hack websites like Chitter, Beakbook, and PengTube.

The area marked with the number 3 is where they have fun and do stuff that normal penguins do like have a |\|0|\|-633|X (non-geek) chat.

The area marked with the number 4 is the secret tunnel that takes you above ground. It is unknown why it is hidden as it's the only way out. Tourists usually have to spend a few hours trying to find it to get out.

There is one place of interest: 7/-/3 633|X 70\/\/32 (the Geek Tower). It is just a giant tower with nothing but sculptures of the previous /-/4%025 (hackers) who inhabited this underground cave.


There is only one place for tourists to get attracted to and ACTUALLY DO something in. It is the Geek Tower. Spoken in the last category, all they can do is look at the previous /-/4%025 (hackers) lived here.


  • Charon (out of cave)
  • 600|) /-/4%325 (Good hackers)
  • 3\/11 ¢24%325 (Evil crackers/Evil hackers)


The only convience here are computers.

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